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50 Years of Fantasy Movie Poster featuring a dreamy backdrop of overgrown ruins


Together, we'll weave our path forward on a shared adventure.

The realm of Dungeons & Dragons and similar adventures is expanding at an unprecedented pace. New worlds emerge, offering endless customization, and the fervor of its passionate fanbase continues to grow. This vibrant community, ever eager for the next quest, fuels a dynamic and ever-evolving future for the game.

An older, bearded white man sits at a table. His name is Ed Greenwood

Creator of The Forgotten Realms


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About The Film

All are welcome.

Come as you are. Leave as a hero. 

This film aims to capture the joy, the drama, and the worldbuilding throughout the course of the game's 50 year campaign to imagine a world where we can write our own path to glory.


Explore the worlds

50 Years of Fantasy explores the diverse realms of Dungeons & Dragons, showcasing how players from all walks of life come together through this iconic game. By delving into the myriad player types and the unique dynamics within different groups, we reveal how D&D serves as a unifying force, allowing individuals to suspend reality and collaboratively tackle epic challenges. Through personal stories and shared adventures, our film celebrates the rich tapestry of experiences and connections that make D&D a beloved and transformative experience for its global community.

RPG Game background featuring a dreamy backdrop of overgrown ruins


Meet the Characters

"50 Years of Fantasy" explores the rich history and cultural impact of Dungeons & Dragons by interviewing legendary figures such as Ernie Gary Gygax Jr., Ed Greenwood, Erol Otis, and many others who created or developed DnD. This documentary showcases the game's evolution over half a century, highlighting the creators, artists, and fans who have shaped its legacy. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, we explore how D&D has brought together diverse groups of people, allowing them to suspend reality and face challenges together, creating a lasting bond and shared love for the world of fantasy.

David Johnson, known as DJ sits in his DnD Room at his custom DnD table,


Growth & Influence

"50 Years of Fantasy" chronicles the remarkable growth of Dungeons & Dragons from its humble beginnings to a global phenomenon. Over the past five decades, D&D has evolved from a niche hobby into a cultural touchstone, influencing countless realms of entertainment. Through interviews with key figures like Ernie Gary Gygax Jr., Ed Greenwood, and Erol Otis, our documentary explores how the game has expanded, adapting to new generations while fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Witness the journey of D&D as it unites players worldwide, allowing them to embark on shared adventures and create enduring connections through the magic of storytelling.

 A crowd forms Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio
Image by Brad Fickeisen

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Stefan Pokorny

Ernie Gary Gygax Jr.

David "DJ" Johnson

Matt Finch

Ed Greenwood

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Blake DeRusha

Chris Moreland

Justin Bethune

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